Responsibility of the Editor (s)

Editors perform a vital role in journal publishing; ensuring the development of high-quality published research in their subject fields.

The editor of the journal is supposed to interact actively with the editorial board members and authors frequently. Take the help from editorial board members, add extra members if required. Make it very clear that editorial board members have to review a fixed minimum number of papers per year, wherever is required.

The standard of the journal and quality of papers are the main tasks of the editor, in addition, to make it approachable to the target audience.

The editor of the journal has to focus on many fronts, these are;

  • The authors’ submission process and papers, that journal publish quality papers.
  • Clear instructions for the authors at paper submission time.
  • The clear peer-review process, reviewers, and publication policy.
  • Misconduct and dealing with complaints, etc.

For more details please download all the guidelines and editor’s related responsibilities (