About TMGE

About the Journal

The Journal of Technology Management for Growing Economies (JTMGE) was started in 2010 with an intent to extensively cover research work with innovations and management of technology. Technology has a direct impact on our lives. It is a well-known fact that the developed economies are surging ahead to the next level of growth whereas the emerging economies are still reeling under pressure with numerous issues to manage the innovations in multiple domains viz. education, healthcare, transport, energy, environment, agriculture and shelter among others. Here, sharing and management of technology can play a key role in making a difference to the lives of so many people providing a better quality of life. The JTMGE has therefore been created to assess and debate about relevant technologies which could bring about a change in growing economies.

Recognizing this need, the JTMGE endeavours to serve as a beacon of knowledge and innovation in the intertwined domains of management and technology. Our mission is to bridge the existing gaps in domain knowledge, offer insights into contemporary advancements, and provide a comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between technology management and economic growth.

JTMGE is steadfast in its commitment to publishing original works that are not only academically rigorous but also practically relevant. We welcome contributions in the form of research papers that shed light on novel findings, case studies that showcase real-world applications, review papers that synthesize existing literature, and conceptual pieces that push the boundaries of theoretical understanding. Our aim is to provide scholars and practitioners with cutting-edge information, enabling them to benchmark their performance, formulate effective strategies, and drive progress in their respective fields.

The JTMGE is a biannual, open access and fully refereed journal. Being focused on Engineering and Management, it broadly covers contemporary research work on technology and strategies for effective management of research outcomes in these fields. We do not charge any publication fees from prospective authors.

JTMGE publishes only original, unpublished manuscripts such as Research Papers, Survey Papers, Review Papers, Thesis (or Chapters thereof) and Case Studies. JTMGE boasts of its fast review process. The manuscripts are blind peer reviewed within two weeks of submission and authors are communicated regarding the same.

JTMGE has a team of scientists and academicians on its review panel and advisory board. The blind peer review process ensures that only high-quality research papers are selected for final publication. Critical evaluation of research papers is performed by each reviewer of JTMGE, with special emphasis on identification and reporting of plagiarism. At JTMGE, our endeavour is to ensure novelty in each research manuscript being published therein.

  • Marketing Techniques and Activities
  • Human Resource and Organization Development
  • Change and Sustainability
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Analytics and Data Science
  • Technology Transfer and Management
  • People Management, Productivity and Performance
  • Blockchain, Decentralization, Data Safety and Security
  • Supply Chain Management, Inbound and Outbound logistics
  • Salesforce Enforcement
  • Metaverse, AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.
  • Service Theories and Practices
  • R&D, Manufacturing, Production and Operation Management
  • Digital Transformations