Aim & Scope

Aim and Scope

Journal of Technology Management for Growing Economies (JTMGE) is one of the pioneer journals that aspires to collaborate Engineering, Technology, and Social Science with the Management domain to accelerate path-breaking ideas and strategies that drive academic researchers and industry practitioners towards growth at macro and micro levels in emerging economies. The journal is committed to examining various business process designs and revolutionizing established practices and performance. The outcome endorses companies committed to performance based on measures/metrics and implementing best practices.

Understanding and acknowledging the importance and need for innovation, sustainability, improved practices, and overall growth in the competitive environment, especially in overcoming the impact of environmental factors at sectoral, industrial and individual levels, there needs to be a vision to explore, substitute, create, combine, reuse, adopt ideas and merge them to reach a common goal. The journal encourages submissions and publications in these niche areas and is interested in welcoming contributions from researchers/practitioners around the world. The journal gives prominence to real-world data; however, grounded theories and conceptual works contribute to the development and growth of the subject specializations.

For the readers, the journal offers the latest research ideas and strategies in an interesting style for academic and professional audiences. The results summarized in each published work, be it a theoretical or empirical framework, can be converted or taken in the same form to solve the problems/ capitalize on the opportunities in a real-time environment. The Journal offers a short turnaround time that enables early publication of their research in an impactful journal.

JTMGE covers a broad range of topics in the fields of Management, Engineering and Technology, and Social Sciences. Find below some of the key domain areas of interest, but are not limited to this:

  • Marketing Techniques and Activities
  • Human Resource and Organization Development
  • Change and Sustainability
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Analytics and Data Science
  • Technology Transfer and Management
  • People Management, Productivity and Performance
  • Blockchain, Decentralization, Data Safety and Security
  • Supply Chain Management, Inbound and Outbound logistics
  • Salesforce Enforcement
  • Metaverse, AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.
  • Service Theories and Practices
  • R&D, Manufacturing, Production and Operation Management
  • Digital Transformations