Publication Policy

Peer-Review Policy

The research papers submitted for publication in J. Technol. Manag. Grow. Econ. follows the single-blind peer review policy. The editor of the journal receives submitted papers with after checking and verification of the plagiarism report, quality and relevance to scope of the journal. The editor sends the paper to reviewers for peer review purpose and allot duration for 3 weeks, which is extendable on request of reviewer’s availability but no more than 5 weeks in any case. The peer-reviewers submit their reports via an online link provided by the editor.

The research articles submitted to the journal via online may acknowledge within 12 hours after submission of time. The corresponding author will be understood as a lead author, and he/she will be responsible on behalf of the team members (co-authors, if any) for all related manuscript works. Authors submitted the manuscript for review and publication must sure about the acknowledgement of source, if they have received the financial support or funds from any Govt. or non-Govt. agency.

No Processing/Publication Fees

No fees from the Author for manuscript review/processing/publishing research articles/review/papers in the J. Technol. Manag. Grow. Econ.

License and Copyright Transfer Policy

Chitkara University Publications for the journal J. Technol. Manag. Grow. Econ. protects author rights e.g., the results, analysis, methodology of Theoretical calculations or experiment. The copyright transfer form with open access policy under the creative common licenses of journal provides all rights specifically to the author (s); except to sell, distribution of the material in any form to any third party. Also, the authors are encouraged to submit the author’s copy of the accepted paper to an appropriate archive e.g. and/or in their institution’s repositories, or on their personal website also.

Authors should mention reference of Chitkara University Publication and DOI number of the publication carefully on the required page of depository, in all above mentioned cases. The copyright and license policy of Chitkara University Publications not only protect the authors rights but also protect the integrity and authenticity of the scientific records and takes very seriously about the plagiarism, fraud or ethics disputes.

This license permits one to use, remix, tweak and reproduction in any medium non-commercially, provided the original work and source is properly cited in new work and be for non-commercial purpose.

Research Misconduct

Chitkara University Publications and its Journal editorial team take very serious note on plagiarism, citation manipulation and on data fabrication. In case of plagiarism we follow the zero tolerance policy in the core work of the author’s manuscript and it include the abstract, hypothesis, data points/observations, result and/or its interpretations, summary or conclusion. Similarity checks beyond the 10% attract to the author(s) a strict decision by the Chitkara University Publications and its Journal’s committee, which can be, in specific cases lifelong ban and withdraw of benefits if any to the author (s) and its home institute/university or society for publication in the same.


The J. Technol. Manag. Grow. Econ. is an open-access journal and individual articles are freely available online from the website to all readers with open-access policy, no fees/charges to pay per view or download the papers from journal website. To get hard copies regularly by post of the Journal at your place, a subscription form is available, download it from menu section

Revenue Sources

Chitkara University Publications follow the open access policy and dedicate primarily for the scientific growth of society by providing easy access to scientific/research material at free of cost to the scholars. There is no author, advertising, reprint fees in any type & form; we look revenue sources only from the hard copy subscription, institutional and organizational support, publication of conference/symposium’s special issue

Publishing Schedule

The journal (J. Technol. Manag. Grow. Econ.) publish biannually i.e., first in February and second in August.

Complaints System

Complaints can be submitted directly to email at The points at which one individual faced the problem should be specific and clear. It should be with valid email, phone number and permanent office/house addresses.

Fictitious complaints via email/latter without a proper proof(s) and contact details will be rejected without any investigation. If complaint fulfils the above-said requirements then it will be send to editor, chief editor and directors for further investigation(s) by the editorial office. The complainant will get primary information within two weeks after filing the complaint if considered by the editorial office. An investigation team assigned by the director(s) will observe the facts and proof provided by the complainant. The decision will be notified to the concern within seven weeks by the team members.

If not agree with the decision, complainant can appeal again with the same reference number, directly to the director(s).

Removal of author(s) name after publication

If corresponding author request to remove one of the co-author name or co-author request to remove one of the authors name, in both the cases one have to submit appropriate reason(s) in the editorial office. The request letter should be forwarded by the concerned Institute/University of the applicant, who request for author’s name removal.

Review Process

The Chitkara University Publications follow the below mentioned peer review process for the articles to publish in the Journal J. Technol. Manag. Grow. Econ.

First editorial staff checks the originality and authenticity of the article (s). For any misconduct editorial staff follows the “Research Misconduct” policy, as mentioned above. The said journal follows the single-blind process. Editor (s) mediates all interaction between reviewers and authors. Journal do not publish peer reviews to date neither online nor offline. Reviews are facilitated by the Journal while same is owned by the authors of the reviews.

Reviewers’ Policy

All submitted manuscripts are read by the editorial staff. Only those papers that seem most likely to meet our editorial criteria and scope of the journal are sent for formal review. Inappropriate submitted papers are rejected promptly without external review(s). Manuscripts fulfill the desired criteria are sent for formal review to the two or three reviewers. After the reviewers’ recommendations, editors make a decision and inform to the corresponding author. For more details, reviewers should go through the ethical guidelines defined by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).