Innovation through Emergence of Technology Communities: Some Management Lessons


  • Vinnie Jauhari Institute for International Management and Technology, Gurgaon, India



Android, Apple, Closed innovation, Google, IOS, Open innovation, Technology communities


Networks play a key role in developing next generation innovations. Technology led innovations are led by technology developers and communities. There is an evidence of success of innovations in technology development through networking with technology communities. Some of these are formal networks and some of these are informal networks. This paper explores at some of the successful developments in the technology domains such as development of Android applications and I-phone applications. Each of these interventions involved collaborations between academic communities, corporate firms as well as independent technical professionals. The success of Apple and Android communities opens up many new research questions as both the organizations have followed a very different approach in developing new technologies. Android which is developed by Google has followed a different approach as compared to development of Apple applications. The paper would throw insights into these approaches. Some of the technology communities had a more open approach and some of the communities have a more closed approach. This paper documents the differences in approaches of development of these communities. The paper is a qualitative study which provides an insight into the differences in approach of development of select technology communities. The paper also draws leadership lessons and factors which contribute to the success of such initiatives. The paper assesses the challenges that these firms faced in developing such communities.


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