Performance Analysis of Indoor Optical Wireless Links


  • Ram Kumar Sharma ITM University, Sec 23A, Huda City, Gurgaon, India.
  • Hemani Kaushal ITM University, Sec 23A, Huda City, Gurgaon, India.
  • Prabhat Kumar Sharma ITM University, Sec 23A, Huda City, Gurgaon, India.



Optical wireless communication, BER, Q-factor, NRZ-OOK, LOS, eye diagram, and multi beam diffused channel


Indoor wireless optical communication is a good alternative to existing mature RF technology. However various challenges in indoor optical wireless technology are due to free space loss, ambient light, and multi path dispersion causing inter symbol interference (ISI). The degradation in performance due to these facts is very much influenced by the channel topology. So in this paper the performance of indoor optical configuration has been analyzed using three types of channel topologies viz., directed (LOS), non-directed (LOS), and multi beam diffused link for various transmitter and receiver design parameters. The analysis has been carried using Optiwave simulation tools.


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Ram Kumar Sharma, Hemani Kaushal, & Prabhat Kumar Sharma. (2015). Performance Analysis of Indoor Optical Wireless Links. Journal of Technology Management for Growing Economies, 6(1), 15–26.