Review of Microfinance Schemes in Haryana with focus on Mewat


  • Archana Mehra The North Cap University (formerly ITM Unviersity), Gurgaon
  • D. R. Aggarwal The North Cap University (formerly ITM Unviersity), Gurgaon



Mewat Development Agency, Microfinance Schemes, Self-Help Group, Self-help Group Bank Linkage programme (SBLP), Swaranjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY)


Inspite of the fact that Haryana is a fast developing state of India, yet it is grappling with the problem of development of a backward district like Mewat (newly carved out district from Gurgaon and Faridabad). Since Microfinance is considered as one of the major tools of poverty alleviation, this paper describes the various microfinance schemes in Haryana with focus on Mewat. The Mewat Development Agency has been set up at the district level to overview and to monitor the progress of various schemes being implemented under the Mewat Development Board, set up by the Government of Haryana in 1980, as an extra effort of development apart from the normal plan schemes. The Mewat Development Agency is actively promoting Self-Help Groups (SHGs) through its Federation. Mewat has been severely lagging behind in terms of socio-economic parameters of development and the problem is further aggravated due to the rigid socio-cultural mindset of the area. Besides examining the various microfinance schemes in operation in Haryana, an attempt has also been made to highlight the shortcomings of the schemes.


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