Getting Bulk Data Through Google: An empirical study


  • Shama Rani ME Scholar, Chitkara University, India.
  • Jaiteg Singh Professor, CURIN Chitkara University, India.



Web crawling, indexing, page ranking, retrieve pdf documents, query processing, search engine implementation, web search


To store the information in a database is one of the major tasks. The efficient storage of data is important for future use. Information retrieval is a method of gathering information related to input queries from the various sources or stored databases. To retrieve the information, a search engine plays an important role. A web search engine creates an index to match queries. The quality of information is improved with the help of search engine. For retrieving the information, a search engine comprises some modules such as query processor, a searching and matching function, document processor and page rank capability. This paper focuses on the retrieval of web documents against input queries and stores them in to database. A Google search API can be used to fetch the results. It analyses the data by processing through these modules and downloads the content available in different formats.


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Shama Rani, & Jaiteg Singh. (2016). Getting Bulk Data Through Google: An empirical study. Journal of Technology Management for Growing Economies, 7(2), 39–48.