A Study on Organization Learning and Knowledge Management in Few Public Insurance Companies in Punjab


  • Anshika PEC University of Technology, Sector 12, Chandigarh




knowledge management, organisational learning, public insurance companies, hierarchical levels, experience level, insurance knowledge management, organisation of knowledge


This study aims to review the current literature on Organization Learning and Knowledge Management, particularly in relation to development in the organizational framework in Insurance sector, also in order to map out the rationale and objectives of using Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning in this field. The problem that lead to study Organization Learning and Knowledge Management is due to changing and competitive culture of organizations. Change therefore demands new Knowledge, new ways of strategic actions. That’s why the organizations have to restructure their organisational culture which creates a foundation for continuous learning. In this way the concept of organization learning emerged. Thus, Organisation Learning motivates the culture and produce the Knowledge. Thus this paper endeavors to analyze the situation in 4 Public Insurance companies in and around Punjab.


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