A Study on factors influencing Consumers Behavior while availing Hospitality services


  • Meenakshi Sharma RNB Global University, Bikaner, Rajasthan-334601, India




Hospitality, Consumers, Behavior, Perception, Motivation, Reference group, Cultural factors, Subculture


Consumer behavior (CB) involves acts, attitudes, ideas or experiences that fulfill the patron's wishes and expectations (Solomon, 1996). This involves all activities that are directly involved in the acquisition, use and disposal of products and services, including the preceding and related decision-making processes. ' (Engel, Blackwell, & Miniard, 1995). When hospitality services are found and used, certain factors influence the decision-making process.

The paper is predicated on a close review of studies coping with the hospitality business, for this purpose numerous analysis papers, websites and books area unit consulted for a close literature review and also the vital gaps area unit determined within the studies on the idea of that the researcher is developed the analysis downside, made hypothesis and chalked out an appropriate analysis, sampling style and hypothesis. Delhi is taken as sampling of analysis and every one the people higher than fifteen years aged were taken because the population of analysis. Sample size was calculated statistically and was more divided in 2 elements as a result of study is administrated on the idea of gender. The sampling was done proportionately from all the zones of Delhi. Data was taken from primary in addition as secondary sources. Paper analyzes consumer awareness of the hospitality industry's Marketing mix policies. Study can so assist the welcome business to draw and customize their policies. The present analysis is administrated from the view of the buyer.


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