Understanding Interactions between Researches Institutes and Industry: Indian Perspective


  • S. Rama Mohan Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Tarnaka, Hyderabad




Interactions, Researches Institutes, institute-industry interface


The tangible potential benefits of interactions between public research institutes and industry are often not realized in practice due to many complexities underlying these interactions. As the interaction is between two diverse organizations, it needs considerable management effort at all stages to make it successful and to get the maximum benefit. Therefore, there is every need to study these interactions, and critically examining different dimensions and identifying key factors that matter in institute-industry interface. This will provide an insight into effective management of their interactions. The present study attempts to assess the situation existing in Indian context. It tries to understand the interactions from the perspective of actual researchers and managers of these interactions at research institutes. The study resulted in identifying key factors at different stages of interaction which if managed correctly, increase the probability of effective and successful interactions leading to development of good technologies. The study also tries to explore whether there is any difference in the perception of researchers across the experience levels and disciplines, and also between researchers and managers.


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